Locksmith Plano TX

We invite you to check out Mr Lock N Key locksmith services in Plano,TX When it’s your home, auto or commercial. security is the most important factor to you. In order to keep maintaining a successful and peaceful life or business way of life away from harms way.

The verity of services that we offer, and the way our technicians are dispatched throughout the entire city. you can sleep better at night knowing you are safe.  Call us anytime when you need help with any of the following:

If you are stuck in a lockout situation, call Mr Lock N Key for fast service at your location.  We arrive in a hurry, and ready to provide you with professional services.

Our advanced tools to unlock your vehicle, extract your key from the ignition, or cut you a new key on the spot.

We do it all, and at a most affordable rate.

Plano area is low in violent and property crime. Do yourself a favor and help keep those numbers down by calling Mr Lock N Key for residential locksmith services.

We can help fortify your home with some of the best locking systems available on the market.

Not to mention our ability to help reinforce the hardware on the doors in your home.

Help get your small business off the ground with Mr Lock N Key commercial locksmith services.

 If you are taking over a used commercial space we offer locks change or re-key services.

Also – we can help you choose the perfect locking system in order to upgrade your security.