We offers a plethora of options for commercial locksmith service.

We offer safety solutions for businesses big and small. We know how important it is to keep your products, employees and sensitive information safe from theft or damage, and that is why we work with you to provide solutions to your security demands.

Why Do I Need a Locksmith for My Business?

You may be shocked to learn that nearly half of all inventory and revenue loss for businesses in the United States is due to employee theft.

This is likely because disgruntled former employees may still have access with keys that were never turned in after being laid off, or current employees have accidentally been granted access to areas in the office where they shouldn’t.

Whatever the reason, Mr Lock N Key can help you mitigate this problem by providing you with added security measures that will help to eliminate those future missteps.

We can overhaul your locking system with a completely new installation. A more modern, hi-tech system can help you better manage who has access to what.

We can also take your existing locks and reset the internal structure so that old keys no longer work, or calibrate the locks uniformly to all operate under the same key.

Call to schedule an appointment, and click here to see more about our commercial locksmith services, which include:

  • Lock System Installation
  • Business Re-Keying
  • Commercial Lock
  • Replacement
  • Business Lock Repair
  • Commercial Lockout Service